July 7, 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Free Speech Abilities Are Making British Parliament Really Angry

Britain and Europe's Old Media have been growing ever more frantic at the prospect of competing with SkyNews and other Murdoch media influences. Murdoch's 'News of the World' has been labeled as tabloid journalism, which is nothing new to the UK or the US.  The NY Times predictably refers to Murdoch "..and the tabloid culture he represents...", and leads the reader to think the whole row is about Murdoch.

Well it's not supposed to be, is it?

Other news organizations have been involved in repulsive phone-hacking incidents recently, but their names were withheld, forgotten, or just ignored(?) in this article by the NY Times. (Which is not biased according to Jon Stewart the Rhodes Scholar)  In any event, the NY Times regained it's memory long enough to mention the ultra-left The Guardian several times, so their sloppiness doesn't appear to be dimentia.
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Recently there have been an allegation that Murdoch's 'News of the World' may have had a private detective in its employ, who may have hacked into phones of bereaved families of fallen  relatives serving in the British Army.  Of course this is just the last straw, and British Parliament now has decided that journalists' shady practice of phone-hacking is a major problem.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Murdoch is going to get the last laugh in this, however.  The fact that at this time, the phone-hacking is only an allegation, and that the target of the hacking is a little too coincidental. It would make too perfect a storyline for Lefty Old Media.  I'm guessing somebody's going to get exposed, and a hoax against Murdoch's media interests in the UK will be uncovered.


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