July 10, 2011

Exam in Mexico to Include Anti-Semetic Questions? What the...

From Ynet News - Isreal News: Anti-Israel Bias in Mexican School Exam. What the...

This is a very strange development, and it caught my eye because who ever heard of Jew-hating Nazis in Mexico? I guess there are Jew-haters everywhere you go, but Mexico has never struck me as being a hotbed of anti-semitism.

Over the past year or more, we've been seeing reports of Hezbollah operatives present in Mexico.  It makes sense that eventually we'd start seeing the fruits of Hezbollah's presence there.  But school indoctrination?  Are we going to start seeing madrassas popping up all over like smallpox pustules?  This would be a somewhat frightening development if it weren't for the knowledge that our Dept. of Justice is sending advanced weaponry to drug cartels in Mexico.  Compared to 'Gunrunner', a little elementary-level indoctrination sounds tame.

But I can't help wondering, how soon before 'Mexican Freedom Fighters' begin clamoring for the United States to change her southern border, and we start seeing Mexican 'refugee camps' springing up in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California?  Maybe Hezbollah, along with the drug cartels will abandon these slow-burn pressure tactics and just go with a more upfront approach involving advanced automatic weapons?  Maybe small, short range rocket attacks like our allies in Israel have been recieving for decades?

I know I'm extrapolating a lot from one incident, but is it really an unbelievable extrapolation?  It may be just the product of our need to confirm what we believe the southern border reality to be, but I think nobody has any doubt that America needs to jump on this southern border issue with both feet, ASAP.


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