February 20, 2012

Media Ignoring Real Employment Data, And It's Frightening (Updated)

by CarterFliptMe
Graph Updated November 1, 2012

The unemployment numbers being put out and dutifully reported on by the network 'news' have shown a very slight improvement recently. I would qualify very slight as being 0.2% from 8.5% to 8.3%, but those numbers are not accurate because they don't include the millions of people who have been out of work for extended periods of time.

The important statistic to look at, and the one that is being ignored by the Democrat lapdog media, is the Workforce Participation Rate.  This is the percentage of working age people who are currently working.  This number has plummeted during the Obama Administration, and continues a steep decline. It is frightening, and that this economy is being characterized as 'improving' by the so-called providers of information is even more-so.

Here is the chart generated on the data at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Notice the decline beginning at the start of the Obama Administration.  We can see the slight uptick during the 'summer of recovery', and then the continuing decline afterward and up to today.

Updated November 1, 2012
October 6, 2012
US Bureau of Labor Statistics - Workforce Participation Rate

The economy and unemployment is improving? NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post? Really?

Here is a piece from Investors Business Daily site, Investors.com:

Real Employment Data Are Bleak And Don't Look Good For An Obama Re-Election
Economy: The media machine that desperately wants Barack Obama re-elected has turned its focus on what it says are good unemployment numbers. The truth, though, is the job climate in America is miserable.
While the media and the administration portray the most recent jobs number — 8.3% unemployment — as good economic news, more sober minds understand what's really going on. The facts show a jobs slump that should not get an incumbent president re-elected.
Sure, the jobless rate is falling. But according to the Congressional Budget Office, we are going through the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Depression. The rate has been higher than 8% since February 2009, the month after Obama took office.
And, says the CBO, it is expected to stay above 8% through 2014.

February 15, 2012

Forget the Economy, Stupid. Let's Start A Fight Over Birth Control!

by CarterFliptMe

The Democrats, aided by the network news and the usual liberal cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC, know they can't let the upcoming election be focused on Obama's failed economy.  To their credit, they've managed to turn the topic of discussion on to social issues.  Everyone was astonished when Obama declared that religion-based insurers would be forced to cover abortions and birth control under ObamaCare.  Religious leaders were outraged.  They were equally surprised when he did a quick pseudo walk-back, and decreed that birth control would be provided free of charge.

Besides the Constitutional issues surrounding Obama's dictator impersonation, this was unsatisfactory for religious leaders on the grounds of freedom of religion, and they publicly stated as much.  The very next day, viola'! We have a new bully in town and the Democrats have a new straw man to fight.  Democrats (which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc.) immediately began pushing the narrative that 'Republicans are against birth control!'.

I have been saying the Democrats needed a new slogan, something besides 'Republicans want to take your Social Security!', and we now have it.  To a liberal, being opposed to offering something for free is akin to being opposed to that thing's existence.

To the casual observer, it'll be "something about Republicans fighting against birth control".  Poor Mrs. Smith, the soccer mom, will dutifully vote for Obama even though she knows his economy sucks.  That's their plan, anyway.  I'm confident that it will not be enough to save Obama's failed Carter-era Keynesian nightmare.  Elections are almost always centered on the economy, (the exception is when we're in a major war) and with a poor economy, Obama is doomed.

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