June 6, 2012

Walker Wins! The Capitol in Madison On Victory Night

by CarterFliptMe

Following the concession speech by Tom Barrett, the capitol square was quiet, with only a small crowd of about 200 recall hangers-on gathered at the State Street corner of the square.  Most of the crowd was subdued, and there seemed to be an atmosphere of disbelief and shock.  There were a few angry outbursts, I saw one person being arrested, (for what I don't know) while an onlooker kept shouting, "This is an illegal arrest!".  Another recaller began cursing at the Fox News truck, at which point I yelled back, "Thank God for Fox News!" He repeated his mantra, and I mine a few times, but soon the 'faux news' hater was dispirited and continued down the street, grumbling.

I saw one young girl weeping uncontrollably as she gazed into her iPhone, apparently in disbelief that Governor Walker had won.  She cried, "They can't do this! How can this be happening?" as I snapped her photo.  I restrained myself from making any comment.

At one point, a bagpipe procession played 'Amazing Grace' while the stunned group of recallers stood and listened, and I couldn't help but feel I was listening to a funeral march.

There were a few Walker supporters mixed into the crowd of stunned recallers, and all around the square walked couples and families who were quiet, peaceful, and seemed very content.  They wore no markings of any kind, and I am convinced these people were there, like me, to revel in Wisconsin's, and the nation's, victory.