November 19, 2011

Support Governor Walker Rally: Our Stroll Through Obamaville

by CarterFliptMe

I was here in Madison during the protests in the spring of 2011, when Governor Walker and Wisconsin legislators signed the collective bargaining law.  At the 'Recall Walker' rally on November 19th, I noticed a couple of things that were very different.  This time the protesters seemed very well-trained.  While going through these photos, notice the abundance of 'smiles'.  When I'd point a camera at someone, they'd go from shouting and harassing, to serene and smiling in a split second.  Another thing I noticed was that the 'blue fist' signs were gone, for the most part.  In previous protests in Madison, the blue fist signs were everywhere.  Evidently union leadership has decided to abandon it, since it associated their cause with Communism.

The public union hasn't changed, and either has their 'in-your-face' and 'win by any means necessary' attitude.  But they have become much more media savvy. They have learned from their past mistakes.  It seems like union leadership has taken some lessons from Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood when it comes to dealing with media coverage.

Please click on the image to go to Picasa site where you can see the tags on individuals in the photos


Anonymous said...

I just saw this work on my facebook page posted by Conservative Activists! Very cool!

CarterFliptMe said...

Thanks Merreee1! I deleted a comment by an anonymous Lefty who tried to say there were 40,000 recall people there. All I can say to that is L.O.L. Not even close. The only reason they have any numbers at all in Madison protests is because half the city works for the state, in the University of Wisc., and the State employees.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess this will continue to look good as long as you "delete comments by anonymous Lefty's" Just like Faux news-w palm trees in their Wisconsin protest footage--fair and balanced. NOT

CarterFliptMe said...

I'll leave any comment up as long as it's not just some foam-mouthed idiocy. Which is usually all that ever comes from Union goons. Further, this is not a news outlet. It is a blog, where I give my opinions on things. If you want to rant or vent your frustration at the Conservative point of view, then start your own blog. (Which I guarantee nobody will read, since nobody likes the left's hate-mongering.)

CarterFliptMe said...

That 'palm trees' footage you dumbasses constantly refer to was a clip taken from protests that were occurring in Florida. O'Reilly was commenting on protests, first the one in Madison, then the one in Florida. The film footage being shown behind O'Reilly showed the Florida footage before O'Reilly got to the Florida part of his commentary. So you see, dumbass drowning Lefty reaching for straws, it was a technical error and not an effort to mislead. Besides, the topic of O'Reilly's commentary was about how the protests were not shining a good light on the Public Union's cause. So the location of the clip in question was not something that would sway the viewer one way or the other anyway.

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