September 24, 2012

Middle East 'Clash of Civilizations' Is Not About 'Mickey Mouse' Film

by CarterFliptMe

The protests in the Middle East targeting US Embassies, as well as the murder of the US Ambassador, two Navy SEALS, and a fourth American in Libya, as described by Lawrence Freeman, Executive Intelligence Review Magazine.

Freeman discusses the 'Clash of Civilization', the '100 Years War', and says these protests have more to do with this, and Obama administration actions in the Middle East.  These actions include "Obama's illegal war", the assistance in Egypt in removing Mubarek from power, and the NATO military action in Libya to remove Gadaffi.  Freeman says the Obama administration "...finds itself more and more in alliance with al Qaeda..."

September 22, 2012

Obama Won't Tell Anyone, And The Media Won't Ask. But What Is Obama's Plan For a 2nd Term?

Jaw-dropping, breathtakingly shockingly Marxist, authoritarian, and statist:  What Progressives plan to do, if allowed, show absolute contempt for The People.

Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans - American Thinker
Amazingly, The Washington Post even did an editorial about how Obama's agenda is 'hazy', but doesn't think to ASK him: Mr. Obama’s hazy agenda for a second term - Washington Post
If You Think Obama’s First Term Was Bad, Imagine a Second - Bloomberg

September 3, 2012

Blistering Ad Shows Obama Using Recycled Speeches From 2008

by CarterFliptMe

If Obama and the Democrat party cared at all about the American people, wouldn't you think they'd at least write some new speeches? They could maybe... oh I dunno... try to work in some current events into those new speeches.  But, as anyone who has the ability to think clearly already knows, Obama never speaks about current events unless he can demonize Americans that he disagrees with.

Anyway here's the video featured on BreitbartTV

hat tip to Doug Stryker