July 10, 2011

Instructions to Obama on How to Properly Salute

While watching Fox News, @commonpatriot - The Irishman, saw something that, let us just say, rubbed him the wrong way. While greeting a USMC Corporal, Obama lolzed off a lazy, half-hearted salute...
This is not the actual incident, but it's a good enough example!
The Irishman: "#tcot @BarackObama - proper salute, #respect & gratitude: Arm horizontal, forearm @ 45 degrees, thumb/fingers extended & joined, raised to brim or just above & slightly to the right of right eye... make it SNAPPY and FACE (s)he whom ur saluting. The Corporal greeting you @ Marine1 serves to protect your life and office, and you serve #wethepeople that enrich & love this great republic... and produced the Marine who's service you dismissed w that sloppy salute."

You are a great American!!


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