July 12, 2011

Obama's Plan For Israel Coming Along Just As Planned?

So, let's see...
  • Obama calls for Israel to return to it's pre-1967 borders while Bibi Netanyahu was en-route to the United States for his speech the following day. 
  • Obama's statement has evidently emboldened the Palestinians to seek statehood based on the (you guessed it) pre-1967 borders. They are set to officially seek recognition by the UN in September this year. 
  • Obama's newly adopted humanitarian mission in Libya, along with NATO, have pushed for and set a precedent for 'humanitarian intervention' and regime change in the United Nations. 
  • When Israel is forced to defend herself, and thereby commits an 'atrocity' (as will be defined by anti-Semitic members of the UN, and Progressives in the US and elsewhere), who can doubt what Obama's action will be, especially in light of Obama's Security Adviser, Samantha Power's, opinions on the subject.
  • In September 2011, the Palestinian Authority will seek statehood status from the UN, and what the votes will be; what the United States' vote, will be, is anyone's guess.
  •  Not surprisingly, Obama has scheduled a speech to the UN the same week that the PA will seek statehood.  What he will say, again, is anyone's guess, however, Obama claims he will speak about 'democratic transitions'.  Presumably referring to the Caliphate (Arab Spring) uprisings in the Middle East. 
  • I am very concerned about the fate of Israel, and I question the motives of President Obama.  The rest of the Middle East makes no secret that it wishes to destroy Israel, and the West. (that's us).  
  • Once emboldened enough, have their excuse,  and have backing from the UN, when will invasion of Israel will begin?


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