July 29, 2011

McCain Quotes a Misguided WSJ and Further Distances Himself From Winners

John McCain, forever the ineffectual centrist, managed to ensure himself Sunday engagements on "Meet the Left" and "This Week with George Snuffle-Upagus" with this floor speech.  He quotes the WSJ, which was talking about people who think default would end well for Republicans (and of course this is not the prevailing opinion among any mainstream political group).  It referred to Tea Party people as Hobbits, blah blah, ...Mordor.. blah blah.. whatever.  So McCain decides he should quote this?  McCain didn't stop there, though.  He was using this reference in order to punch home his evidently very strong opinion that the debt ceiling will be raised, no matter what.
I say McCain needs a punch in the nose, first.  Then a rude ousting from the prestigious halls of the United States Senate would be in order.
Senator, you served our nation with honor.  Your heroism is legendary, and everyone should read about it.  However, you have done enough damage to the Republican party for one decade.  You Sir, must go!

Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealer's Wheel (Thanks For McCain - Feingold, RINO)


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