November 2, 2012

Progressives Are Enemies of the Republic (Updated)

by CarterFliptMe
Radical Tactics Of Progressives
1.) Free speech of opposing political or social viewpoints canot be allowed. Opposition must be silenced, whether they be private citizens or mainstream media outlets. (Media Matters#StopRushKoch Brothers Targeted By Progressive Group's 'Greed Agenda' Bus TourSen. (NJ) Frank Lautenberg Takes On The Koch BrothersObama's Nixonian "White House Enemies List")

2.) Political, social, and philosophical opposition is dangerous, obstructionist, and harmful. New Hampshire Democrat Legislator: We Need To 'Restrict Freedoms' Of Conservatives - DC rhetoric - Fairness Doctrine The First Amendment right of free speech is not guaranteed under Progressive rule. Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Arrested

3.) Win by any means necessary. (We Can't Wait) (Dems Flee, Boycott the ProcessCampaign Lies) Even if the tactics harm the economy and US citizens. Mitch McConnell Summarizes Democrats' Terrorizing The American People With Fiscal Cliff Inaction -- Obama, Clinton and Rice Knew Benghazi Attack was Al Qaeda on 9/11/12

4.) Rule of law and Constitutional limits have no meaning. Progressives routinely violate law and Constitution in order to force their agenda without a vote, without the input of The People. (Gutting of Welfare Reform LawBypass CongressFast & FuriousIllegal New CFPB, and NLRB 'Recess' Appointments)

One of their most successful methods to circumvent the will of the people is to challenge laws in the courts. Recently in Wisconsin, they've used liberal judges in Madison's Dane County who overturn state law without any legal or state constitutional basis. (Judge Eviscerates Reforms, Sanctions Liberal IdeologyDane County Judge Who Struck Down Voter ID Law Signed Walker Recall, Wife A Circulator)

    5.) Elections are not the end-game of representative process. Lost elections trigger mob-rule and exploitation of weakness in the system in order to seize power back. Wisconsin Progressives in Recall  - Violence at the Michigan union protests: The fallout for Big Labor

    Shortly before November 6th Election, Obama mentions 'revenge', presumably against American citizens? During another of his infamous ad-lib moments, he says, "Voting is the best revenge."  This is not rhetoric you'd expect to hear from somebody who is trying to do what's best for all the people of the United States.

    • Progressives are not Democrats in the traditional sense of the word.
    • Progressives are not interested in adherence to the Constitution, or our representative form of government.
    • Progressives are not part of the American process as we have known it, but are a radical attack on it from outside the process.

    Progressives have overwhelmed the economic system, Congress, the media, and the people, with illegal and unconstitutional acts. This tactic is key in the Cloward-Piven Strategy: Forcing Political Change Through Orchestrated Crisis. The chaos Progressives have brought is the purpose of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, made infamous during the riots and violence of the 1960s, and still an important reference for today's Progressives. Michelle Obama said that when she first met Barack, he quoted Saul Alinsky and it captured her heart.

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