July 30, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Gives Us a Glimpse at Life Under Control-Freak Progressive Rule

by CarterFliptMe

Out of control nanny state government has a new poster boy: Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.  When will people wake up and reject this intrusion of government into people's decisions regarding their children, health, and daily lives?  Who decided that Mayor Bloomberg, with his Progressive fetish for control over people, should have this kind of power?  The Mayor of New York will be easily defeated the next time he is up for re-election.  I guarantee it.

Check out his article from the New York Post that describes how the New York 'Mayor Knows Breast':

Mayor Bloomberg pushing NYC hospitals to hide baby formula so more new moms will breast-feed

Latch On NYC

Locking Up Baby Formula? Bloomberg Slammed For Newest Breastfeeding Initiative

Breastfeeding Activism: Information and Resources

July 27, 2012

Desperate Democrats: Polls Reveal Why

by CarterFliptMe

These are just some of the signs of desperation from the DNC, whose narrative is being dutifully spoon-fed to Americans by liberal network news media.
  • Progressives pushing the Ann Romney horse narrative. 
  • Demand for additional tax records from Mitt. 
  • Accusations From Obama campaign that Mitt Romney is a tax evading felon. 
  • Fabricated wars on women. 
  • The daily drumbeat from Media Matters' network, MSNBC, and the rest of the network media news, that anyone who disagrees with wild-eyed Progressive radicals is a racist homophobe. 
Rasmussen polling data of likely voters reveal the reasons for the obvious desperation in the Democrat party, and to be sure, the DNC's own internal polling is telling them much the same.

These polls, released in the second half of July, show a rejection of not just Obama, but of Progressive Democrats' policies and governing philosophy.

Romney Takes 5 Point Lead
Declining Views of the Economy Put Obama's Reelection at Risk
Long-Term Optimism About U.S. Economy Falls to New Low
50% trust Romney more to handle the economy, while 42% trust the president
47% Say It's Too Easy To Get Food Stamps

July 25, 2012

Weather Underground - These Are The Progressives Who Run The Country

by CarterFliptMe

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn jump-started Barack Obama's career in Chicago.  They are unrepentant and remorseless sixties radicals.  They were the leaders of Weather Underground, terrorists who used bombs and violence to try to push their 'revolution'.  Their intent was, in their own words, to "overthrow the United States government".

Watch this video and note the parallels and similarities between the SDS, Weather Underground, and the present day Occupy operation.  While watching this video, you'll begin to understand why Obama and the Progressive Democrat party govern the way they do, push for the kinds of things they do, and why they follow no rules.

This is only a small bit of evidence that proves that Progressives who've taken over the Democrat Party are enemies of the Republic of the United States of America.

July 17, 2012

Former FL Dem Party Leader Barney Bishop Slams Progressives, Endorses Romney

by CarterFliptMe

The former executive director of the Democrat party in Florida, Barney Bishop, sees the way Progressives have pitted themselves against the rest of the country.  He wrote in the Sunshine State News that he is supporting Mitt Romney for the presidency in November, for the good of the country and its future.
By: BARNEY BISHOP Posted: July 13, 2012 12:00 PM

In 1992, I was the executive director of the Florida Democratic Party. I managed political operations for the Democrats in one of the largest swing states in our nation.

Our nominee, Bill Clinton, went on to win the presidency, and he fostered eight prosperous years in our nation’s history. He delivered balanced budgets and surpluses that reduced the nation’s debt.  Clinton was the type of Democrat I’ve supported my whole life, fiscally conservative while still focused on the needs of the hard-working middle class. Clinton famously declared, “The era of big government is over.” Barack Obama is a completely different kind of Democrat.

In every challenge that faces our nation, Obama sees a solution that can only come with another government-spending program. He fails to harness the ingenuity of entrepreneurs; instead he actually places obstacles, like burdensome regulation, in front of their path to progress.
...full article

I couldn't agree more, and thank God for patriots like Barney Bishop!  I pray that God will shine light on the truth, expose the lies, and hold our leaders accountable.  Let The People remain free forever in the United States of America!