December 18, 2016

The Election Was Hacked? What a Ridiculous Claim!

by CarterFliptMe

Once again, Democrats are demonstrating their belief that the average American leftist is ignorant and stupid as they push the narrative that the Russians 'hacked the election'.

The statement in itself is ridiculous! Hacked the election? Hacked what? What did the Russian's 'hack'? Voting machines? All 500,000 of them? John Podesta's email? The DNC's email? Are they trying to say that was the interference in the election? Are Democrats claiming that the exposure of the truth was 'interference'? Totalitarian leftists demonstrate that truth is not to be allowed in the election process. Regardless, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has stridently asserted that the leaked emails came from a source from within the Clinton campaign, that it was a disgruntled former Bernie Sanders supporter. This claim is the only one that truly makes sense and seems the most plausible.

Secondly the CIA, FBI, or anyone else looking into the email hacks CANNOT know who did it, unless they catch them in the act. Once it is done, all that can be done is guesswork.

I'll tell you who DID interfere in the election. Those who hired friends of the Hillary Clinton campaign to falsely claim, days before the election, that Trump had sexually assaulted them. Those people would be Clinton campaign operatives John Podesta, Donna Brazille, Robby Mook, Jennifer Palmieri, and Paul Bagala,  
Most of these women have been proven to be lying. A couple others have quietly slinked away after Trump threatened them all with defamation lawsuits.

We've seen this smoke and mirrors tactic by the left over and over again:

  • Create a straw man, a boogie man from some shred of truth.
  • Make outrageous claims about the straw man.
  • Allow the liberal media to repeat the claim over and over until it becomes 'common knowledge',
  • With the help of the media, try to marginalize and ridicule anyone who disputes the lies.

This time, the very claim itself, that the the Russians 'hacked the election' is ridiculous and doesn't even make sense to anyone who takes the time to think about it for a moment.