March 19, 2012

Top Ten Violations of the Constitution by Obama

by CarterFliptMe

From the Cato Institute and posted on The Daily Caller Posted by Ilya Shapiro
  1. The individual mandate
  2. Medicaid coercion
  3. The Independent Payment Advisory Board
  4. The Chrysler bailout
  5. Dodd-Frank
  6. The deep-water drilling ban
  7. Political-speech disclosure for federal contractors
  8. Taxing political contributions
  9. Graphic tobacco warnings
  10. Health care waivers
For descriptions of what makes these things so constitutionally bad, read the whole thing.

March 10, 2012

The Vetting - on Twitter - Thank You Andrew Breitbart

by CarterFliptMe

This is the Twitter search feed of hashtags #VetThePrez and #VetTheMedia

I encourage all to help shine light on the President and his background, his true agenda, and his present activity. We do this because mainstream media will not do it, as they protect the Democrat party and the Progressive Democrat President.
Above all, we do this to protect the United States of America as a nation bound by the Constitution, and to protect the freedom granted to each of us, by God.  The time is now. This is war.
Please visit for the truth. Also a special shout out to those at and everyone else who is carrying on the fight.  RIP Andrew Breitbart, a great American hero!

The Vetting: Part 1 - Soledad and CNN Publicly Wig Out

by CarterFliptMe

The CNN wing of the Democratic National Committee hit a speed bump this past Thursday morning.   They allowed Soledad O'Brien to flame out and make a laughing stock of herself when she attempted to discredit Breitbart's Joel Pollack, downplay the video of President Obama embracing Derrick Bell, and lie about what 'critical race theory' actually is.  Soledad and the CNN panel, attempted to act as a knowledgeable people, tried to obfuscate the topic of the discussion, and predictably, they failed miserably.  Here's the video, and you can decide if Breitbart and conservatives are correct in their assertions that mainstream media works overtime in protecting the left's political agenda.

Vet The Media!! Vet The President!!
Bravo check out their website for The Truth!