December 27, 2012

Mitch McConnell Summarizes Democrats' Terrorizing The American People With Fiscal Cliff Inaction

by CarterFliptMe

It was only a few years ago that bills were negotiated, submitted, amended, resubmitted, amended, and eventually were either passed or rejected. When it came to spending, the federal government was constitutionally bound by a budget, which was negotiated in Congress, and steered by the President with the threat of veto. The current band of radicals (Progressives) who've taken over the Democrat party have seen to it that Washington DC no longer operates according to the Constitution.  The people have elected Republicans to the House of Representatives to bring some balance and accountability, but these Republicans refuse to even attempt to hold Congress or the Executive branch to their supposed constitutional limits.

The Democrat party uses orchestrated and manufactured crisis as a gun held to the heads of the American people. They make unreasonable and unconstitutional demands, propagandize via Progressive mass media accusing the GOP of the intolerable crime of refusing to meet their demands.  All the while Democrats are threatening the American people with calamity unless the Republicans in Congress surrender.

These actions are not going unnoticed by those of us who care to pay attention, including Democrats, Progressives, Republicans, Tea Party supporters, and the so-called journalists in traditional news media. Those who still support Progressives fully knowing that what they are witnessing or participating in is not constitutional, honest, or beneficial to the basic freedoms of the citizenry, are equally guilty for the damage being inflicted on this great nation. I hold them all accountable, and further placation, negotiation, or otherwise respectful treatment of these persons is intolerable.  Progressives and their supporters have, through their actions, declared war on the Republic of the United States, the Constitution, rule of law, and my (our) individual liberty granted by God. Whether we like it or not, we are at war, because they are at war with us. It's high time our 'leaders' recognize this fact, and act accordingly.

Anyway, here's another 'keep it real' moment from Senator Mitch McConnell, where he has summarized the inaction on the part of Senate Democrats and President Obama over the 'fiscal cliff' non-negotiations.


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