July 4, 2011

Rev. Wright, Black Liberation Theology, and White American Ignorance

by CarterFliptMe

The Reverend talks about how White America labeled him 'controversial' during the Obama campaign. Then he talks about how White America lies, especially to Black Americans. After that he goes on a tirade of how lousy White America has been to Black America. Predictable, I know.

My point is that to Black America, according to Wright, he is NOT controversial. Not in the least!

Regarding this, Rev. Wright is correct.

It is not uncommon at all to go to a church in Milwaukee, Detroit, or any other Democrat-controlled Hell-hole, and hear similar rhetoric from the pulpit.

In Black America, Muslims have been spouting much more direct & racially charged rhetoric since the 60's, or earlier, although their movement caught on in the 60s & 70s.

There is one problem to this entire discussion, and that is that White America is not really white. It's a huge melting pot, as everyone knows.  What 'White America' is, is 'Not Black America'.  White America only exists as a result of much of Black America's failure to melt into the 'melting pot'.  The reasons for this are, of course, many.  Some would say Whites exclude Blacks.  Others say Blacks don't want to be included, as evidenced by their collective behavior.  I think the whole situation is a big, mutated dog, chasing its tail.

One thing is clear in all of this. While there is only one America, there are two perceptions about America & what it is.  Rev. Wright's view is not uncommon, and thus, NOT controversial.  It was only labeled as 'controversial' in 2008 because most of 'White America' had little to no clue that these views even existed on such a large scale.

They do exist, but Rev. Wright is just another brick in a huge wall that exists between blacks & whites.  If so-called White America wants to include Black America in the melting pot, they could start by paying at least a modicum of attention to what Black America is doing.  What are they talking about in their churches, schools, etc? (and yes, America is still segregated)

So Obama's election has brought our great nation a little closer to racial understanding. But only a little, and before we can have understanding, we have to have knowledge.  We won't get any knowledge until we talk to each other. We can't talk to each other until the Political Correctness Tyrants go away. So, Al Sharpton, Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg, please go away, or at least just sit down & shut up so us adults can talk this out.


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