July 3, 2011

Latest Cynical Obama Speech Full of Clever Word-Twisters

Listen to how Obama manages to blame Bush again, then while proclaiming that we need to cut spending, refers to 'tax breaks' as spending.

As we've seen, 'tax breaks' are some arbitrary high tax rate, imagined by Democrats, that is NOT being paid.  So if somebody is recieving a 'tax break', this is 'spending'.  Using the phrase, 'tax break' infers that US tax law has somehow taken steps through legislation and tax code to provide this 'tax break', when in fact, that is false.  As I stated, the current tax rates for anyone whom King Obama has decided is not fair and should be much higher is, a 'tax break'.

This guy is a typical lawyer with a mission, over-educated wordsmith. He's an elitist Prog, subscriber to the Ruling Class who couldn't tell you what's really going on if it would save his life.  We will never hear George Soros criticize Barack Obama.

Having said this, here's the 'speech'.


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