July 15, 2011

The Debt Ceiling, Default Debate is Full of Bullcrapery

I'm convinced that every lawmaker in Washington DC knows the whole debate is based on false premises, and that they allow the misconception to continue because it's advantageous for them, politically.

Politicians want the American perception to be that this is high drama.  A shootout at the OK Corral.  This puts them in the position of being heroes back home after the dust settles, and it gives them leverage over us voters.  Alright, fine, politicians do what they do. But...

I think it's all stagecraft, and I'm quite sick of it.  These clowns need to get serious, and get to the business of saving this nation from catastrophe.

Unfortunately, the catastrophe part of the debate is the only one that is based on reality.  This date, August 2nd or whatever, Ramadan as Rush Limbaugh put it, was derived how?  Obama whips out this date, and people start shrieking about financial armageddon after this arbitrary date.  They're predicting default if Tea Party Patriots don't shut up about the debt ceiling.

Michele Bachmann, among others, is right.  We can pay our bills, prioritize spending, cut where we need to, and make some real progress on putting DC's spoiled rich kids on a realistic budget.  She has been speaking nothing but truth on this stuff since she pointed out the hidden money spent through the ObamaCare law.

Just keep in mind what is really going on in Washington DC right now.  It's the struggle between the ruling class that got us where we are, versus a new class of Patriots, who love this country and what it stands for.  They want to preserve it because it is just, and because it's a miracle from God.  It has nothing to do with personal gain, personal power (it better not), or power of any single political party.

The new class wants to strip the power and money away from the old class, and old class isn't going to allow that to happen without a fight.  Keep knowledge at hand, truth in mind, and victory in sight.

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