November 11, 2011

What Changed Their Minds? Please Watch 180 Now!

We've been hearing Fascist and anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from the Left from Occupy events, union protests, the New Black Panthers, Congressional Black Caucus members, and of course, extremist Muslims (who vow to never stop fighting until Israel is destroyed and the Jews are annihilated).

There has been a shocking failure of our Progressive public school systems to teach the history, and warn our children, about Hitler, Fascism, and the Nazi party.  Is this a failure?  Is it an oversight?  Has it been intentional?  Either way, the failure to teach our people about fascism is criminal, and will eventually lead to another violent show-down with anti-Semites who mask their agenda with 'anti-Zionist' rhetoric, and/or with those who openly vow to destroy Israel.

Through interviews with young people on the street, this documentary brilliantly compares federally funded abortion to Fascism.  It explains how our moral decay, and the loss of our moral compass provided by God's Ten Commandments, so easily can, has, and will lead to horrific evils that humans commit against each other.  All without guilt, shame, or self-examination.

Finally, it discusses our route to salvation, through God's unconditional gift of the cross, in a most powerful way, all while discussing these things with average young people who remind me of people we all know.  By the end of the documentary, these kids have a much different view of abortion, Christianity, and morality.

This is VERY powerful, and it's a gift from God.  Please watch this video and share it!

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Suzie Tors said...

Overwhelmingly right. I know that many will change their point of view by watching this, just as the people being interviewed did.

CarterFliptMe said...

I hope so. Sometimes people who walk God's path are given opportunities to speak His word, and they do so with such beauty and grace there is no doubt where it came from.

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