November 30, 2011

Eric 'Pew-Pew' Holder Has Officially Begun To Freak Out

by CarterFliptMe

The incompetence and arrogance of political hack, Attorney General Eric Holder, is now in full bloom. He and the Obama Administration are in full freak-out mode, as evidenced by the sealing of records regarding murdered border agent Bryan Terry in the 'Fast and Furious' case.  I couldn't be more delighted by their discomfort, but I'm outraged by the arrogance of their cover-up.
In this video, Holder blames The Daily Caller news outlet for the furor surrounding the case. To borrow an acronym, LOL!

see article on FoxNation


Roger Fortier said...

He's a hack and a disgrace. Most transparent administration, evah! Give me a break.

CarterFliptMe said...

GOP needs to be more aggressive in objecting to appointments like this in the future. They sat quiet (and still are, largely) while Obama assembled a Bolshevik wrecking crew!

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