December 7, 2011

Paul Ryan Wants to End Another Democrat Lie

by CarterFliptMe

Democrats have been in the habit for quite some time of making absurd claims and accusations with no basis in fact, reality, or believability. They make these statements without offering any kind of proof supporting their claims, and the network news, along with mainstream media outlets, dutifully report them as facts. As a result, much of the 'old-school', or 'lamestream' media has become irrelevant.

Increasing numbers of people have found that through modern media, they are able to get facts that had previously been ignored, or simply misreported. Because of this, we have seen exploding popularity of conservative and non-traditional media sources. Now much of the news is being covered by people with alternative viewpoints who have broken away from traditional outlets and started media outlets of their own. In many cases, breaking stories are covered by independent, amateur bloggers.

Here is a request by Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan asking us to clear up the lie about his Bill he calls, the Path to Prosperity.  The lie being that "Republicans voted to end Medicare". You can read the Slate article by Dave Weigel here, and find links to Politifact where you can place your vote for 'the biggest lie of 2011'.


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