September 20, 2011

We The People Are "Harder Than You Think"

by CarterFliptMe

Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson of the Congressional Black Caucus said that "the real enemy is the Tea Party", Jesse Jackson said they fought a 'tea party' back in the civil rights days, Maxine Waters said she'd like to help Tea Party people go "straight to Hell."  President Obama said the only thing blocking the United States from economic recovery was the Tea Party.  So yeah, it's election season, and even though the economy needs a bit more attention from majority-holding Democrats, they've gone into all-out attack mode on Tea Party movement supporters (a HUGE number of American citizens, btw).

So I just wanted to let the Ruling Class Machine know that WE THE PEOPLE will not be intimidated, we will not be silenced, and we will not stop until the country is on stable ground again.  WE THE PEOPLE, whether we are supporters of the Tea Party movement or not, are...
Harder Than You Think

by Public Enemy


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