September 4, 2011

Palin swoops into Iowa and attacks Crony Capitalism

via Big Government

I've been one of the people who think Sarah Palin has been brilliant so far in her 'campaign', or whatever you want to call it.  She has been carefully measuring the topics of her speeches, controlling her agenda, all while hovering over the scurrying Lame Stream Media, laughing her head off.
In this latest speech from Iowa, she takes on corporate welfare, or Crony Capitalism.  THIS is where the Left and the Right converge on the issues.  This is the type of issue the Tea Party movement is addressing, and it scares the heck out of establishment GOP and especially the Democrat Party.
Crony capitalism is something every American despises, and Obama has been kind enough to bring the issue to the fore with his appointment of Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric Company, to his administration.  Everyone remembers Immelt's admission that GE paid almost no corporate income tax in 2010.  It will be difficult for anyone to attack any GOP candidate, on this position.
It looks to me like Sarah Palin is circling her prey (Obama), scanning the geography, choosing her tools and weapons, and is preparing to swoop in and strike.
I can't wait to see the fur fly!!

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