September 6, 2011

Hardcore Madison Progressive, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, runs for Senate in Wisconsin

Tammy Baldwin gave a speech immediately before Barack Obama at the 2004 Democrat Convention.  She was considered one of DC's up-and-coming stars.  She's very photogenic, soft spoken, and intelligent.  Even I kind of like her, politics aside, as her personality shows in interviews immediately.  She seems a likeable person.

She represents Madison, WI, so she's not used to running a tough campaign, but I think she's going to be a very formidable opponent.  She's been openly lesbian as long as I've ever heard of her in politics, and she's been known in Wisconsin for quite some time, partially for that reason. Name recognition is huge, however, regardless of its original source.

These things all make me wish Tammy Baldwin would just stay at her cozy little spot here in Madison, and enjoy the.. um.. Progness of it all.


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