September 6, 2011

Hoffa Jr. Killed Sarah Palin's Iowa Speech

So Sarah Palin 'swooped into Iowa' and slammed Crony Capitalism, among other topics, and was due to have her spot in the news cycle on the first business day following a 3 day weekend.  But not so fast, Palin, Hoffa has something to say in Detroit!

Now, everyone knew Obama wasn't going to say anything of substance there, so nobody was paying much attention.  It was Labor Day weekend, after all.  So how does any good Alinsky community organizer get attention?  Do something to piss people off.  Protest in the street?  Nah, too tame for POTUS.  How about another good ol' union thug, swearing at the Tea Party movement?  Yeah.. perfect.  Touche' Comrades.  Guess us Americans will just have to live and learn.


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