August 2, 2011

Tea Party is Punk Rock of Politics by Greg Gutfeld

as written by Greg Gutfeld in the Big Hollywood section of

Tea Party Is the Punk Rock Movement of Politics
So remember the Coffee Party – the liberal, media-generated answer to the Tea Party? CNN covered it, so did the New York Times.
And around the same time, Jon Stewart organized his rally to Restore Sanity, as a reaction to, again, the Tea Party.
Neither the party or that rally meant squat.
In fact they were lagging indicators of a dead world – a group of shiny, happy people who didn’t see the train heading their way.
The tea party and the health care protests were the train – future predictors that saw the road ahead – and all signs pointed to Greece.
To me, the Tea Party really is the punk rock moment of politics – harkening back to simple math – rescuing us from 20 minute organ noodling found on Emerson Lake and Palmer records.
Yep, in a bloated world typified by Yes’s Roundabout on F-M circa 1977, the Tea Party offered “Beat on the Brat,” a jolt of Ramones wisdom that reminded us of what worked before.
It also exposed a key problem with “hope and change” of 2008. When an organic American movement rose up to question the direction of the Administration, those ephemeral “good feelings” of 2008 withered against simple principle.
If you aren’t for shrinking government, then what are you for?
Turns out “not shrinking government!” is a lousy bumper sticker.
Now… I got issues with this deal.
Some people worry over Defense cuts. I’m one of them. That stuff matters. But that debate reminds you of one key truth: The left prefers to increase dependence through expansion of entitlements. The rest of us see independence through strength.
A howitzer over handouts.
Lastly, one sad fact: the government will still grow 70 percent over the next decade. And there may be new taxes as soon as 2013.
So this budget debate’s a lot like using Febreze.
Masking the stench doesn’t erase the pile of crap at your feet.
And if you disagree with me you’re a racist homophobe.


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