August 15, 2011

Agenda 21: When Obama Said the Climate Change Debate is Over, He Wasn't Kidding

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“Governments have a responsibility this year to take the next essential step in the battle against climate change, said UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres. How governments achieve the next essential step is up to them. But it’s politically possible. In Cancun, the job of governments is to turn the politically possible into the politically irreversible, she said.” (Bolded by Writer) 
Executive Order 13575 was signed in June creating a White House Rural Council. The intent of this Executive Order is also to enact policy directly related to   Agenda 21 : Chapter 14.1 – Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development.
This video from a Fox News report details the government expansion of control of our food, fiber and energy production in our vast rural areas through this executive order.
This Agenda 21 stuff is NOT just another conspiracy theory.  This is serious, is happening NOW, and will be a nightmare to get undone!  Please read the entire article, bookmark it, re-post it, and share it with everyone.


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