August 3, 2011

Absurdly Unscientific GOP Primary Poll Results

Here are the results of the two GOP Primary polls I've run so far. The first one ran for about one month, in May. In that one, the voter could vote for only one candidate. I stopped the poll before the 100 votes maximum because Rick Perry and Thad McCotter had either announced or expressed interest in the nomination.

The second one ran from June - July, and in this one the voter could vote for two candidates. I ran that one to it's completion. Please remember, this poll is just for fun, which is why Sarah Palin is listed, even though she has not announced her candidacy.

Anyway here it is, and keep in mind, some of the candidates have not been included in the polls since May.

Things I noticed: Allen West has made a big push, Cain made a big push following the CNN GOP Debate, but since then he has slid a little.  Bachmann continues to stay strong directly behind Palin.  In the second poll, Bachmann and West were tied for the lead until the very end, when Palin got a few votes to finish out the poll.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Mitt Romney doesn't appear to be very popular among the #TCOT crowd.  Thanks to all who voted!

Free Minds - Absurdly Unscientific GOP Primary Poll Results, Aug 1, 2011


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