August 24, 2011

NBC Busted Again! Folks, You Don't Get to Just Make Stuff Up!

NBC has decided once again, to just make stuff up. If we didn't have so-called 'Right Wing news', things like this would go unchallenged, and would grow. The Left can't stand freedom of information, because time and again, the facts just don't back up their narrative that big government solutions work for the people.
via Breitbart.TV

Before playing a perfectly reasonable quote from Gov. Rick Perry where he praises the growth of civil rights in the United States over the decades and discusses the continuing promise of economic freedom for people of all races and ethnicities, NBC News anchor Chris Jansing claimed that Perry was comparing the civil rights struggles with corporate tax rates. But, that's not what Perry did at all. Here is the full quote from Perry. Do you see any mention of "corporate tax rates"?:

" America's gone a long way from the standpoint of civil rights and thank God we have. I mean, we've gone from a country that's made great strides in issues of civil rights. I think we all can be proud of that. And as we go forward, America needs to be about freedom. It needs to be about freedom from over taxation, freedom from over-litigation, freedom from over-regulation. And Americans, regardless of what their cultural or ethnic background is, they need to know that they can come to America and you got a chance to have any dream come true, because the economic climate is going to be improved."


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