January 12, 2012

An Illustration of Big Government Assault on Freedom, Decency, and Common Sense

by CarterFliptMe

This case, Sackett v EPA, is a story of somebody who bought land in a residential area, and simply wanted to build a home and farm the land.  Suddenly, the leviathan known as the Environmental Protection Agency (along with the Army Corps of Engineers) swooped in and stomped on him, declaring his newly acquired land as "wetlands".  This bomb not only put an indefinite halt on his simple plan, but levied astronomical fines of $75,000 every day.  The landowner can't even dispute whether the EPA is correct in it's finding, or whether the EPA has this authority under the Constitution, without these fines being administered daily.  The landowner is faced with two choices: 1.) Tear down any and all structures currently on his land, incurring thousands of dollars of cost, and loss of income. 2.) Stand his ground and incur fines of over $75,000 per day while he waits indefinitely for the EPA to make a final determination.

There is no freedom, decency, or common sense to be found in this situation, and it's not the only one like it in this country.  This big government bullying, done by the U.S. Federal Government in the name of environmentalism, happens all the time.  Perhaps now, finally, we and the Sacketts can get some relief from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Please read the article from the Washington Times


Suzie Tors said...

Absolutely outrageous. I hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will reign in the EPA and allow the Sacketts to do as they will with their land. If it was a wetland to be protected, why was it able to be sold as a residential property in the first place? And to levy a fine of $75,000. per day is downright criminal.

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