January 4, 2012

Emperor Obama Warned Us, "He Can't Wait", And He Meant It

by CarterFliptMe

In October, President Obama boldly declared, "We can't wait!", and promised to bypass Congress to enact new legislation and do pretty much anything he damn-well pleases.

Now, to strengthen waning union power in the United States, he's bypassed the Senate approval process, and declared his appointments to fill three vacancies in the National Labor Relations Board, and put Richard Cordray in charge of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
The Senate had been blocking Obama's nominees to the NLRB because they were too partisan, and represent only union interests.  The approval of Cordray had been delayed because Republicans objected to the structure and spending authorization of the new CFPB, and were trying to get changes made to it in Congress. 

The most obvious point is that Congress is not in recess!  According to Obama, "We know what would happen if Republicans in Congress were allowed to keep holding Richard's nomination hostage.  More of our loved ones could be tricked into making bad financial decisions."  That's his rationale for violating the Constitution again?  Somebody might be tricked?  It is the now further unrepresented people of the United States who are being bamboozled yet again by the Alinskyite-in-Chief.
Thanks to the Dodd-Frank regulations, we now have a CFPB in charge of telling our loved ones which financial decisions are good, and which ones aren't.  The people that run this new Bureau are not elected, and now the head of it has not even been approved by the Senate.  Don't we have laws in place already (which aren't being enforced) that are supposed to protect people from illegal financial practices?  Lastly, does this mean that our laws in financial and lending matters are now irrelevant?  It seems so, since the CFPB (the head of which, again, is unelected and unapproved by the Senate) now gets to decide what's 'fair' or 'unwise'?

Does anyone think this Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will 'protect' anyone? The only people this new layer of bureaucracy will protect are elected representatives, by sheltering them from making the tough decisions that affect the economy and our individual lives.

Legal challenges are expected, and this move may cause the entire appointment approval process to come to a screeching halt.  I hope and pray for both!


Roger Fortier said...

Obama is a real menace. However, he's merely a symptom of the larger cause of American voter ambilivence.

Apparently enough Americans are either too lazy or uninformed to care that progressives are turning the greatest country into a socialist wonderland.

Imagine, even after Obama's sorry record as president, he still wins the popular vote? What does that say about our long-term prospects for survival.

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