October 20, 2011

The Cloward - Piven Strategy Now! Seriously!

by CarterFliptMe
We're watching oppressive Progressives try to divide the country along economic, racial, political, and even religious lines.  We're watching them put up roadblocks to economic recovery in every sector of the United States: Housing, Energy, Finance, Banking, Health Care, Foreign Trade, and Small Business.  Now that Obama has put a wet blanket on all these areas, he's implementing policy which time and again, has been the exact opposite of what leaders & advisors in these fields would recommend for solid, stable recovery from the recession of 2008.
Every President in recent history has had a recession to deal with.   They are cyclical, and every president has dealt with their respective recessions with reasonable measures that generally allowed recovery and return to growth within two years.  They implemented policy which:
  1. Reduced government hindrances, (taxation, regulation, etc. especially capital gains taxation).
  2. Simply allowed corrections to be settled in the free market system, on it's own, to allow for stable market correction, and a 'smoothing out' of market bubbles or crashes.

This administration has succeeded in putting a wet blanket on growth, investment, speculation, and entrepreneurial risk-taking.  Now that they've done this, they are going about the task of trying to blame the lack of recovery and growth on their political opposition.  They're now bluntly and insultingly casting blame for their failed policies on GOP, the Tea Party movement, corporate greed, Wall Street corruption, income inequality, and even racism.  It's as though they had a nice car, beat the hell out of it, deflated all the tires, and now claim it's the neighbor's fault the car is shot.
All this wouldn't be so alarming if it was just a matter of defeating them in 2012.  But they're now beginning a drumbeat that: Congress is in dangerous gridlock; that job recovery is being stopped by GOP;  and using fear-mongering tactics, as usual (even claiming that rapes and murders are going to increase because of Congress' faux gridlock!).
Faux gridlock?  Yes, Congress is in gridlock, because the Democrat controlled Senate has made sure their 'Jobs Bill', which is merely more government handouts to union leadership, community 'outreach' programs, and political payoffs, cannot pass the House of Representatives. Their 'jobs plan' is basically a smaller version of Obama's utterly failed first stimulus plan!  Of course GOP will not agree to waste more taxpayer dollars that we'd have to borrow anyway!  Our debt is destabilizing our currency, and threatens the Dollar's status as the global currency.
It's glaringly obvious that Progressives are trying to divide Americans instead of pulling them together.  Think of the public union fiasco in Wisconsin, where sitting Democrats actually fled the state in order to stop the legislative process!  That in itself was an act of rebellion!
They'd like to marginalize conservatives who struggle to implement fiscal responsibility and smaller, more cost-effective government.  Even now they declare conservative ideology to be terroristic, obstructionist, racist, and dangerous.
If their claims alone don't alarm you, as a citizen, then please, go back to watching cartoons!  We don't need you!  
They'd like to forever silence political opposition, and rule under some sort of totalitarian system in which Progressive Oppression could run unfettered. Personally, I'm sick of these ban-happy social conrol freaks who want to butt into every single aspect of our lives.  They'd like to even control what kind of food we eat, and how much of it we should consume!!  With ObamaCare they'd even have the power to withhold care to political opponents, or any other segment of society!  They'd have the power to wield health care funds as though it were a spiked club!  No Thank You!
We must speak out against these retarded evil bastards, loudly and firmly!  We must ridicule and humiliate anyone who espouses Progressive ideology, and call it for what it is: stupid, ineffective, economically unsustainable, counter-intuitive, and oppressive.  We've humored these reptiles long enough, and now they have, bit by bit, one issue at a time, managed to bring the entire country to the edge of economic and social collapse.  Now, it seems, they threaten civil war.
We The People are not letting this happen.  We are turning the tide!  The Tea Party movement is gaining momentum, especially now!  Even some on the Left are questioning progressives' motives and methods, as they see that destruction of Constitutional government in a Capitalistic Free Market system is the Progressives' final goal.
Through faith and trust in God, we'll defeat this elitist, hate-based ideology once and for all!!!
Please tell your friends, your family, even the clerk at Kwik Mart!!   Don't argue; don't try to convince anyone.  Just warn them!  Progressive rebels in all levels of government are trying to topple our American system as we know it.  Say it firmly and with conviction.  Let God do the arguing within people's minds!  Men, Fathers, and Grandfathers!  Be strong pillars of faith, encouragement, hope, love, and light!  Only light can overcome darkness, and darkness cannot extinguish light!  Let the light shine!  Frightened people, if given a choice, when in times of chaos, strife, fear, and suffering, always turn to the light in the end.
Be that light!


PC Bob said...

Before America the world was embroiled mainly in chaos and anarchy. If America fails now the world will, once again, sink into a morass of anarchy and war. The outcome of that is anyone's guess. How is that going to make for a better world? We would see a regression unknown since the last Dark Ages. The experiment that America represents has survived successfully for 235 years, serving as a beacon and a shining example for the rest of the world. When we go down, the world will plunge back into darkness.

CarterFliptMe said...

Couldn't have said it better!

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